Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets, like all of your flooring treatments need to be maintained on a regular basis. This regular cleaning helps to maintain the warranty on your carpet. More importantly, carpet cleaning promotes a healthy environment for you and your family. Cleaning prevents “CARPET POLLUTION”. Over time your carpets collect a variety of soil, bacteria, pollen, other allergens, dust mites, pet dander and sometimes pet accidents.

Our Cleaning Process

When your carpet is cleaned by Bagnall Services you can be confident that we are using the most effective methods and products available to sanitize and correct “CARPET POLLUTION”. We use a powerful truck mounted system called “Hot water extraction”, the cleaning process the carpet manufacturer’s recommend. Other cleaning methods may void the factory warranty. so be careful how your carpet is cleaned. We do not use soap. Our cleaning solutions are the best in the industry and are engineered to effectively clean carpets and other surfaces without leaving sticky residues which attract dirt and cause carpets to re-soil prematurely.

Our technicians are some of the most highly trained individuals in the industry. They are all I.I.C.R.C Certified and in some cases Master Textile Cleaners. Each technician participates yearly in continuing education to stay abreast of  new trends and technology in the industry. We are truly experts in our field.

How We Work

When we finish cleaning, your carpets will be over 80% dry. You will be able to walk on your carpets right away with socks or slippers. Be cautious when walking from damp carpet to hard surfaces such as tile or vinyl because there may be a risk of slipping.

We do not charge extra for moving furniture that is practical to move. We replace the furniture after cleaning. We put blocks or pads under the furniture to protect the carpet from wood stain or rust from the furniture. We ask that you leave the blocks and pads under the furniture until the carpet is completely dry. Pianos, China cabinets, entertainment centers, Grandfather Clocks, armoires and some beds are not practical to move.

Although we are the best in the business when it comes to stain removal, we cannot guarantee that all stains can be removed. However, we are very skilled and have great success removing or making major improvements with most stains.

In some instances ripples appear after cleaning. Do not panic. This is a normal occurrence caused by temporarily relaxed backing materials or a problem with the installation of your carpet. The ripples will disappear as the carpet and backing materials dry.

Fabric Protection

Bagnall Services recommends and applies 3M Scotchgard to protect your carpet. That is why we apply 3M Scotchgard to your carpets after the cleaning. 3M Scotchgard improves the performance of your freshly cleaned carpet by making it easier to immediately remove spills and spots. It also makes it easier for us to clean the carpet in the future. 3M Scotchgard also makes vacuuming more effective and prevents traffic areas from returning quickly.

With the application of 3M Scotchgard on your carpet you will receive a S.O.S. Rescue Certificate for a spot cleaning at no charge in an area that was cleaned and treated with 3M Scotchgard by Bagnall Services Inc. The certificate may be used for any type of spot in a limited area (5’x5’) and is valid for 12 months after the cleaning date.

To prepare for the cleaning:

  • We ask that you remove the knick knacks and breakable items off the tops of furniture that you wish to be moved
  • Have all items such as books, toys, plants etc… picked up off of the carpet to be cleaned
  • It is helpful (but not always necessary) to vacuum the rooms to be cleaned.

Upholstery (Furniture) Cleaning

Your furniture’s upholstery fabric is perhaps the trickiest cleaning challenge in your home. The fabrics used in upholstery are often delicate and manufacturers continue to modify them every year. These modifications and the fact that these fabrics are tricky to begin with means one thing; you need someone who knows what they are doing. Most cleaning companies do not have the education or experience to successfully care for your furniture, especially unusual or delicate fabrics.

All of us at Bagnall Services Inc. are nationally certified, highly experienced, expert upholstery cleaning craftsmen. We are able to handle any type of fabric; velvet, jacquard, needle point, chenille, cotton prints and micro fiber. We are also experts at cleaning and conditioning any type of leather hide including Nu-Buck. There are a variety of cleaning methods that may be used to clean any type of fabric. The technician will select a cleaning method based on the manufacturers recommendation, our knowledge and experience, the fabrics condition and the types of stains that are present.

All fabrics are treated with 3M Scotchgard after cleaning to give them the ultimate protection from dirt and stains. With the application of 3M Scotchgard, customers receive an S.O.S. RESCUE CERTIFICATE, good for 1 (one) free spot cleaning on the furniture that was cleaned and treated with 3M Scotchgard by Bagnall Services Inc.. This can be used for any type of stain in a limited area. This certificate is valid for 12 months after the cleaning date.

We understand the issues involved in the successful cleaning of your upholstered furnishings. We combine all the newest technology with old world craftsmanship. Don’t let just anyone try to clean your furniture. Trust in the experts at Bagnall Services.

About Mattresses:

Our mattresses are actually an eco-system or a little world for many organisms such as bacteria and insects like dust mites. They feed on dead skin and hair and dirt that we shed over time. Our mattresses need to be cleaned from time to time to maintain a healthy sleeping environment and an unfriendly place for these little critters to live. As always our cleaning methods very effectively remove these microorganisms ‘and the skin and hair and soil from our bodies as well as other stains. We will not leave behind any sticky chemical residues, just a clean healthy mattress.

We understand the issues involved in the successful cleaning of your upholstered furnishings. We combine the newest technology with old world craftsmanship. Don’t let just anyone try to clean your furniture. Trust in the experts at Bagnall Services.

Loose Rug Cleaning

You can be confident that your precious rugs will be cared for properly by Bagnall Services. Our in-house rug washing facility combines old world craftsmanship with new world technology. We have the capacity to wash rugs of any size and any type, from small machine made throw rugs to the finest handmade Oriental rug. We also clean many needlepoint tapestries. Your rug will be cleaned more thoroughly and carefully than ever before. We pick up and deliver rugs at no additional charge and offer a 7 day turnaround time.

Bagnall Services only uses the best treatments to protect your loose rugs. The application of 3M Scotchgard improves the performance of your freshly cleaned loose rugs by making it easier to remove spills and spots. 3M Scotchgard not only makes your vacuuming more effective and prevents traffic areas from returning quickly, it also promotes more effective rug cleaning in the future.

In the event your loose rug needs binding, surging, fringe replacement or a seam repair, we will ensure that your rug will look new again.

You may have a loose rug on a hardwood floor or on a carpet that ripples or “walks”. This is an annoying and sometimes dangerous problem that we can help you correct. We sell rug underlayment for both rug on hardwood and rug on carpet applications that will stop this problem and improve the appearance and wear of your rug.

Ask us about our exclusive urine treatment for your loose rugs.

Occasionally a customer will ask: Is Scotchgard really important for my wool rug? I am sure it wasn’t treated with 3M Scotchgard when I bought it?

Answer: A treatment like 3M Scotchgard is as important if not more important on wool fibers because they are protein fibers which are much more absorbent than nylon and all nylon carpets are treated with 3M Scotchgard or similar products. Wool is much more susceptible to permanent staining than nylon.

About Loose Rugs:

Bagnall Services Inc. is not responsible for existing, latent, or hidden defects: rot, fading, mildew, moth damage, or wear, which becomes more visible after washing your loose rug.  Stains may turn brown during washing process.  Urine (animal or human) may cause color loss from fibers.  Spot and stain removal is not guaranteed.  Every effort will be made to remove spots and stains without damaging the rug.  No responsibility can be taken for dye or color bleeding or loss.  All rugs are tested for color stability.  For rugs with unstable or fugitive dyes we will take great care and use controlled washing techniques, surface cleaning and dye locking chemicals.  No responsibility can be taken for shrinkage. Most rugs can be blocked or stretched to remedy shrinkage problems. Note: most hand made rugs do not have perfectly straight edges.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

People are attracted to tile flooring for many reasons. One major reason is the perceived ease of care. Your first impression is all you have to do is sweep and mop occasionally to maintain it. After a while you notice that the tile and grout start to look dingy no matter how hard you try to keep it clean. This is because mopping doesn’t really clean that well, it just moves the dirt around .

Bagnall Services removes the dirt! As with our other cleaning processes, we do not leave behind residues that will attract dirt. All we leave behind is clean tile that looks like new. Our tile and hard surface cleaning system is the most effective and sophisticated method available. We are able to safely and effectively clean any kind of tile:

• Ceramic

• Porcelain

• Marble

• Granite

• Slate

We seal your newly cleaned tile to protect it from future problems and prolong the cleaning life. Natural stone is very porous and is sealed with a special product called an impregnator which penetrates deep into the stone. Impregnators give all natural stone specialized protection which serves as a fortified barrier. This keeps contaminants on the surface for easy removal, without damaging the stone.

If it needs to be cleaned, clean it right. Bagnall Services is the way!

Other Hard Surfaces

We’ve been cleaning concrete in garages, patios, basement and driveways for years now. It’s a great way to start your spring cleaning by washing off the winter’s oil, grease and mag-chloride. Ask us for a quote.

Carpet Repair

Many of the carpets we care for are also in need of repair. If your carpet needs to be stretched, there is a split seam or needs a patch to remove damaged carpet, our technicians are nationally certified experts in carpet repair. We can replace any type of pad and reinstall it in the event of water damage. Ask us how we can help fix your carpet problems.

Pet problems

As much as we love our pets, their accidents, and in some cases bad habits present some of the worst problems maintaining your carpets or upholstery.

Pet (and human) urine is the most complex problems we encounter. Pet urine is not just a surface stain. Urine is a chemical compound that penetrates the backing of your carpet very easily. If your pet has only had an occasional accident, then a normal cleaning, disinfecting and deodorization should take care of the problem. If your pet has hit the same area many times the problems go much deeper. There is probably contamination on the carpet backing,the pad and even the subfloor. This is a situation we deal with often and we have great success correcting this sort of damage. If your problem is severe we generally pull back your carpet. We clean, disinfect, and deodorize the carpet backing. We remove the contaminated padding and replace the pad, matching the type and quality. We also check the subfloor. If the sub floor is contaminated, we clean or sand down the sub floor and seal it to contain the problem and it’s odor. We are unable to guarantee the permanent removal of stains and odors from urine.

We also have great success with our special processes for cleaning upholstery which has been contaminated by urine.

Your pet may be in the “dog house” because of a problem like this. Let us help you and your pet.